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Cosgrovers Dreams

Just a Cosgrover thinking about Miranda Cosgrove. She's truly an example to me. I hope someday i'll meet her. Yes, this is my biggest dream so I'll never give up. When someone says that Miranda is ugly or anything bad, I try to ignore, sure! They don't know how Miranda is pretty and perfect. You know, cause we are Cosgrovers!

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Miranda Cosgrove’s Photoshoot for Todd Plitt (2008)

Miranda Cosgrove’s Photoshoot for Tiger Beat (2008)

Caitlyn Thorne’s Photoshoot (2007)

Rena Durnham’s Photoshoot (2007)

Sara Jaye Weiss’s Photoshoot (2007)

iCarly’s Promoshoot Season 2 (2007)

Miranda Cosgrove in “Fred Claus” Premiere (2007)

So cute *-* OMG (Alan David’s Photoshoot 2007)

iCarly Cast in a submarine 11/01

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